Matt Warren

Of Counsel

With experience in many areas of law and corporate management, Matt’s practice now focuses on business law and estate planning including firearms trusts and business succession planning.  Matt also offers services to inventory, appraise, and liquidate or distribute firearms for persons unfamiliar with that process including executors and trustees.  As a former law enforcement officer, Matt honors those who risk their lives for others by giving discounts to active duty military and first responders.

Matt learned what matters most about the practice of law from his father who taught him to always put his clients’ interests ahead of his own, never compromise his integrity, and treat everyone with respect.  He also taught Matt the practice of law is about people, about relationships, and about trust.  Matt enjoys the fact that many clients have become friends and friends have become clients.

After graduating from Drake University Law School, Matt did post-graduate work at Northwestern University and the University of Kansas.  He also did tours of duty in law enforcement and in corporate America.  Matt’s experience in law enforcement took the challenge of helping people to a new level.  It also taught him how suddenly and drastically people’s lives can be changed forever and how life does not favor the unprepared.  Along with aviation and martial arts, it also taught him the importance of relentless training and discipline.

Part of Matt’s practice involves asset protection, but he considers that a misnomer.  In Matt’s view, his mission is not to protect assets; it is to protect his clients, their families, and their businesses.  “It is no different than what I did as a law enforcement officer, just different tools”. And I take it just as seriously”. - Matt Warren

Drake University
Drake University Law School
Northwestern University
University of Kansas

Iowa (inactive)
United States District Court, Kansas