Ben Clayton


Ben was born and raised in Iowa but moved to North Carolina shortly before graduating high school.  Being raised in rural Iowa instilled a strong work ethic and an appreciation for making a living from the land and he hasn’t forgotten his roots.  After working his way through college at North Carolina State University where he met his wife, he settled down, started a family, and became a police officer in Lexington, North Carolina.

Ben’s service mindset propelled him through his career, and he’s had the opportunity to work in many disciplines inside law enforcement.  Starting as a basic patrol officer, he’s also worked street crimes as a uniformed officer, major felonies as a criminal investigation detective, and led teams of officers as a sergeant and later a lieutenant.  He’s worked in conjunction on cases with federal agencies and taskforces including the FBI, Secret Service, Homeland Security, ICE, and ATF.  Ben was also a General, Taser, and Firearms Instructor, helping to prepare future generations of officers for keeping the public safe.

After ten years, Ben left law enforcement to attend Elon School of Law in North Carolina.  After graduation, Ben worked for both general civil litigation and family specific law firms in both North Carolina and Kansas before finding a home with the W Law Group and estate planning/probate.  As a husband, a father of two kids, and as someone who has worked in a dangerous field, Ben has a deep understanding of the motivation to prepare for the unknown and the unexpected. 

Ben enjoys spending time with his family and friends and tinkering with a wide variety of interests from 3D printing to gardening to woodworking to camping and hiking.  He enjoys traveling around the world and hopes to continue the goal someday of him and his wife visiting every continent on the planet. 


Elon School of Law, JD

North Carolina State University, BS



North Carolina



Benjamin Clayton