Business Services

We provide a wide range of services to help you properly establish a business, structure and manage it, grow it, use it to build your legacy, protect it, and position it for passing it along to future generations or purchasers. We strongly believe in our clients having a coordinated team of professionals, including our law firm, your accountant, financial advisor, insurance professional and business advisor. With this holistic approach, you not only get legal, tax, financial and management and risk management advice, but advice that takes into account the recommendations of your other professionals, so we can all work together with you toward the goals you have.

We help in establishing new businesses, selling businesses, business purchases, corporate mergers, business divisions, contracts and agreements, business litigation, and business succession planning. Some aspects of our Business Services are listed below:


  • Corporations and LLC Formations Both traditional Corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s), with proper advice and compliance, permit you to have some legitimate asset protection, and a plan for succession of management and ownership in the event of a business owner’s retirement, disability or death. We can help you decide the best entity choice for you, and the best method of ownership, whether individually, with a TOD (transfer on death) beneficiary, through your living trust, or through another entity.


  • Company Structure We can help you decide upon and implement the right options for ownership and management of your business enterprise, including the structure of ownership, control, decision-making, operational, facility, equipment and labor segments of your business. Every business is different. We can help you chose and implement ways to design your operations in the way that makes the most sense for your unique circumstances and plans.


  • Holding Companies One of the most effective ways to structure your business enterprise can be to have a holding company, with various assets or functions of your business allocated among subsidiary entities for better efficiency, asset protection, and succession options. Are you looking for better protection of your business assets, economies of scale, or additional streams of revenue from your assets or operations? We can help you explore a holding company/subsidiary design that may meet your needs better than your operations being captive within a single entity.


  • Not-For-Profit Entities For clients who are looking for ways to give back to our community, we can assist with the formation, tax exempt application, and ongoing corporate work of not-for-profit entities. We serve public charities, private foundations, trade associations, homeowner associations, and other forms of worthwhile not-for-profit organizations.


  • Purchase and Sale Whether you are looking to acquire an existing business to grow, or sell your own business that you have grown, we assist buyers and sellers in the process of negotiating, drafting and implementing business purchase and sale agreements. As we always emphasize, we especially recommend using a well-coordinated team that includes not only our law firm, but your accountant, banker, financial advisor and business advisor to obtain and implement well-rounded, good advice that is so important in such a significant decision.


  • Corporate Governance and Compliance We routinely assist business entities in conducting and documenting their company’s official governance and decision-making functions, and otherwise maintaining their corporate formalities. Practicing proper company governance recordkeeping and formalities are important to maintain limited liability protection for the company’s owner(s).As one service option, we offer clients our Business Security Plan SM that takes the burden of ongoing state and corporate requirements off of the owner’s shoulders allowing them to have peace of mind so that they can focus on running their businesses.


  • Business Operational and Management Matters We can help you tackle the various legal issues inherent in owning a business. With our firm’s experience in both running businesses and helping others run businesses, we have a heart for understanding business owners, and the dilemmas and challenges they face. Some of the many legal services we provide include consultation, advice, risk management, negotiation, contract drafting, and handling of matters relating to:


  • Contracts
  • Employment Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Business Torts
  • Real Estate and Lease


  • Business Disputes and Litigation From small matters to complex matters, from informal settlement negotiations, to mediation or arbitration, to state or federal court litigation, we have experience with representing business clients in many kinds of legal disputes. As counsel for businesses, we place high priority on helping clients avoid litigation, by good contracting and business practices to prevent disputes, and endeavoring to find practical ways to mutually resolve disputes when they occur.


  • Trial and Appellate Services We have served clients both in the trial court arena, and in appellate courts.


  • Administrative Law We have represented clients in administrative agency applications, administrative law proceedings, and administrative review proceedings, before a number of different state and federal administrative agencies.


  • Ownership Changes At some point in the life cycle of your business, you may wish to add more owners, owners may wish to exit the business, or you may need to make changes for business succession planning, with ownership through your living trust, or adding a transfer on death beneficiary.


  • Business Succession Planning Planning how you will exit from your business should be an integral part of your financial and estate planning. Proper planning now will result in you and your family receiving the best possible results, both now and after your retirement, disability or death. You can receive retirement income; you can transfer your business to your family, your employees or an outside buyer; you can make a difference for a charity or your community; and you can do all of this with reduced income, gift and estate taxes.

    Even if you are not planning to stop working, you need to plan for the possibility you cannot run your business due to unforeseen disability or death.  Let W Law Group, LC assist you with your succession planning because you don’t want the business you spent your life building to be sold for a fraction of its value because you did not have a plan.

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